Linda A. – “kid jean” apron!

Handcrafted Woodcrafts by D. Stansfield

Thank you Vic N. for this beautiful Pretzel City Paper 13th Anniversary card! Aug. 2018

Mary Beth’s Quilled Spotted Holstein Cow & Farm 8-2018

Quilling girls, Nov. 16- 2016

Gingerbread House class Sat Oct. 28 2017 village

Kids class 2 1-14-17

Kids class June 10 2017

Happy Shoppers!

Delores G. easel & spring cards

Rockford Show Karen & friends! SSAT show

Rockford Show 3-4-18 All in the Family. SSAT

Rockford Show Lori-Donna & friends 3-3-18

Rockford Show Tashia & family 3-4-18 SSAT show

Rockford Show Sat Mar 3 2018 SSAT show

Heartfelt class Mar. 17 2018

Jan. C. Quilled Tiny Rose cards 7-11-18

Vic N. spring cards

Vic N. Bunny card

Kids Barn card by Linda A. – Kids class

Lynda H. cards

Quilled Sympathy cards

Flower Pot card- thanks Judi L.

Di & Deb 142 cards made in 8 days, 1-9-18

Pat E. pretty Spring cards

Sharon & Jan’s Quilling Easter Basket & Crosses

Kim’s N. Heartfelt cards

Quilled Dress card Linda A.

Nancy G. Lap Quilts & Sis

Linda A. Quilled 4 Season Trees Sept. 2108

Jan C. Quilled Tiny Roses she taught our class July 2018

Vic N. & Deb M. Show n Tell cards

Mary D. has her Christmas cards ready in Oct. 2017!

Barb U. Color Burst were used on these (product by Ken Oliver Crafts)

Diana S. Happy Halloween cards!

Marsha B. needlework!

Janell T. created this fantastic store display!

Kara teaching the Kids class

Joyce S. & Britta visit Jack

Donna A. showing her Easter card!

Pam W. first Quilling project done. Hi Sharon A.!

Marilyn R. brought us a beautiful Pecan pie, yum!

Love this Autumn card with copper Mirrorkote shine by Pat. E.

Judy S. has a fun Halloween find

Glenna W. cards

Pat E. Christmas & Lady’s Hat card.

This is our Flower stamp, thank you Pat E. for this beautiful card!

Stampscapes Class 11-11-17 with Judi L., Mary E. & Stephanie U.

Quilling fall 2017 project

Judi L. and her beautiful Stampscapes cards!

Quilled Wheat card

Sandy J. Embroidery on Paper cards

Quilled large paper clips

Kathy’s personalized Bible & journal

Cosmic Glimmer Gilding Polish cards

Linda A. Kids class bookmark

Linda A. & Sharon A. Quilling

Vic N. show n’ tell cards 3-2018 bunny web

Sharon’s Quilled Peacockweb

Quilling May 23 2018 class web

Stephanie’s Quilled Patriotic card 5-30-18

Patriotic Display